Startup Weekend Harrisburg Pitch Decks in PDF format


The Pitch Decks for the 7 Harrisburg Startup Weekend Teams:

Give Wave  –  Pitched by Prem Durairag, this Facebook App let’s users discover and donate to non profits via a recommendation engine.

Weekend After   – Pitched by Fran Gillot, this web application aligns talent, connects all Startup Weekend coaches, judges, facilitators, speakers and participants for the long term.

Survey RT  – Pitched by Scott R. Davis this mobile application allows brands to gain immediate feedback and measurement via the web.

Let’s Do Lunch – Pitched by Charles Nordine, this mobile app let’s user provide rapid event management and scheduling.

Date my Apartment  – Pitched by Sharon Wapples this platform allow renters to connect with landlords on a try-before-you-buy basis. 

Immersive Adventure – Pitched by Troy Yohn this mobile app lets users record and sell adventures, tours or other experiences. 

Wear It’s At –  Part1   Part 2   Part 3  – Pitched by Wendy Keim this mobile platform lets teenage girls create a wardrobe with the feedback from their social network and fashion brands.

You can View the Pitch Fire Presentation of our would be founders at:

Pitch Fire Part 1:

Pitch Fire Part 2: